Student Empowerment Initiative

Budget Overview


  • Pre-Development and Design of Custom Platform for School Districts
  • Customizations of Platforms for Independent School Districts
  • Unique Logins and One Year Access for Each Participant
  • Prepaid Discount for 375,000 = $10 per license, per year
  • Includes 50,000 Sponsor Licenses
  • Includes 25,000 School Administrator Licenses
  • Total Cost for Software Licenses = $3,750,000
  • Licenses Active One Year After Initial Activation by Users
  • Includes Hosting, Management, Maintenance, Initial and Ongoing Software and Curriculum Updates
  • New Course Content Added Quarterly
  • Includes Dedicated Account Managers Assigned by District
  • Includes IT, Administrative and Support Staff Ramp Up

24 Month Operational Expenses = $850,000

  • Facilities Headquarters in Austin, Texas (Lease)
  • Grants and Budgets Manager
  • Program Director
  • Program Coordinator 
  • Administrative Assistant
  • 20 Member Team of Paid Interns to Program Activities as Needed

University Research Expenses = $175,000

  • Appointment and Deployment of Research Team
  • Includes Student Data Team
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 
  • Conduct Focus Groups of Local Participants
  • Determine Metrics and Outcomes that Need to Be Examined
  • Evaluate Effectiveness by User Population 
  • Determine and Develop Pre Enrollment Questions 
  • Understand and Adhere to Privacy/Confidentiality Policies 
  • Review Previous Research Conducted By Other Organizations Relative to the Project At Hand
  • Organize and Evaluate Student Data Collected 
  • Collaborate with Other Research Teams As Needed
  • Prepare and Present Research Reports
  • Make Recommendations for Program Enhancement Based on Data

Marketing And Advertising Costs = $125,000

  • Train and Deploy Personnel to Make Live and Virtual Presentations to Area High Schools
  • Attend Meetings with Superintendents, High School Principals 
  • Conduct Live and Virtual Workshops for High School Counselors 
  • Travel Costs, Printed and Digital Marketing Materials 
  • Mobilize and Deploy In House Video and Production Teams 
  • Creation, Production and Distribution of Promotional Videos
  • Filming, Production and Distribution of Testimonial Videos
  • Creation of Digital Marketing Content (Flyers, Brochures, etc,)
  • Creation and Implementation of Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Creation of Marketing Funnels 

Student Skills Achievement Scholarship Awards = 1,100,000

  • Recognize 440 Top Skills Achievers with $2,500 in College Scholarships 
  • Matching Scholarships Available Via Corporate/Community Partnerships
    • Incentivizes Students and Schools to Prioritize Soft Skills 
    • Development and Publication of Criteria to Qualify for Scholarships
    • Scholarships in the Name of Corporate Sponsor
    • Press Releases and Statewide Announcements