Experience World Class Employee Development for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Video Based, Self Paced Certification Courses

Designed to complement the busy lifestyles and training needs of your employees. All modules are broken down into bite sized segments of 8 minutes or less. Boost the social, emotional and workplace competencies of your staff while empowering your community at the same time. 

Boost Productivity and Positivity

Research shows employees with well developed soft skills are three times more likely to excel in the workforce. Our proven system includes pre and post assessments, individualized learning plans and custom content will make your team better than ever!

Positive. Sustainable. Impact!

When your employees earn soft skills certifications, we donate scholarships to high schools in your area. This one to one match elevates those less fortunate. For no additional cost, you can help us equip disadvantaged high school students with workforce readiness skills and emotional competencies.

Also Includes Live Training Options

Our turnkey, headache free system also includes live training options. When you need workshops, seminar speakers and other training needs, our team of highly qualified trainers is here to assist.

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